Weasel Tracker

This Database is designed to give us all a sense of how many of the nearly 15,000 Weasels are still around, in what shape, and where they were last spotted. The original list was compiled by Russ Morgan and has since been altered to track some additional information.

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Body #
Registration #
Last Location
M29C 12,163 Fixing up Good body, 90 percent complete, tracks fair need some repair. no top. total engine rebuilt Washington, USA
M29C 7099 Doner Red, badly rotted former Norwegian Maine, USA
M29 4275 Restored White camo, being fully restored Ontario, Cnd
USA 40152209 Driver door hinged
M29C 11,433
M29C 6,948 USA 40195829 Rt. Rear cut & hinged missing R. track
M29C 14,919 Missing R. track. No motor. Rear Cut
M29C 14,810 No track, no motor. Build-able body
M29C 11,833
M29C 7,383 Rusty floatation tank. Pontiac. Runs auto trans. Re-power
M29C 10,957 M-29C-6490 Orange. Original
M29C 11,731
M29C 7,293 Driver door hinged Left rear cut
T24 ???? UST-24-391 Body only
M29C 10,986? Gray. Original
M29C 10,884 M-29C-6449 White. Original
M29C 14,015 M-29C-9662 White. Original
M29C 13,675 M-29C-9325 Yellow. Ford w/ Auto trans. Military hardtop
T24 UST-24-1259 Green. No track
M29C Green. No track
T24 UST-24-1??? Orange. No Track, rear cut
T24 Primer. No Track or bulkhead