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This area is designed to help foster the sharing of kowledge between members of our small, but dedicated, community of Weasel owners. Knowing a little bit about each other, and the vehicles we own, benefits the group as a whole. It also saves a lot of time introducing and reintroducing ourselves to each other ;-)

Click HERE to see the owner profile template. Please use the email link on that page to send in your information. Hopefully people will understand the benefit of sharing a little bit of non-intrusive information in this way.

Pictures of your Weasels are requested to go along with your profile.

Updated 10/08/01


Weasel Tracker Database

Weasel Owners Information and Pictures
Mark Burroughs YANKNEUROP@aol.com
Shon Elliott shon.elliott@energas.com
Peter Beijersbergen de.spinbaan@autoworks.nl
Torbjørn Hammersmark torbjham@online.no
Russ Morgan Morganru@oneimage.com
Michael Tozier Top__M@worldnet.att.net
Luigi Berardi luigi.berardi@ticino.com
Andy Rudnik arudnik@MIRSinfo.com
Loy Daniel LoyDaniel@aol.com
Tom Krowinkel ajm.krowinkel@wanadoo.nl
Name email address
Name email address


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