Russ Morgan Returns to Camp Hale

Weasel enthusiasts know Russ Morgan as not only a "parts guy", but also someone who strives to ensure that history is alive and the memories honored. In February 2002 he returned to Camp Hale, the former home of the 10th Mountain Division, with Weasel number 14,015.

Russ spent the weekend there in the gorgeous weather and cold (-26 kind of cold!). On Saturday he had the honor to meet up with Dick Over, a former Tenth Mountain veteran who is in the Ski Hall of fame. He turned 18 at Camp Hale and was assigned to be a Weasel driver! Russ let him drive his beautifully restored Weasel around all day long. Even though Dick had not been in one in 50+ years, he hadn't forgot his training and was thrilled to be reacquainted with his former steed.

You will find pictures of Russ' trip below. Click on the image to see a larger version. Enjoy!

Created on 4/29/02