Presque Isle Gallery

Submitted by Glenn Tremblay

These photographs were taken at Presque Isle, Maine by Glenn's father. They were all taken during the winter of 1945-46. In one of the M7 pictures you can see a sign in the background that says:

Presque Isle Army Air Force
Search & Rescue

Until the 1980s, there was a large Air Force base, Loring, close by.

"Dad took me out with him on the day these photos were made. I remember seeing the weasel and whatever the other vehicle is (it looks like a hybrid weasel/farm tractor). I remember the cold. More than anything else, I remember the pungent smell of the horse meat the men were cooking to feed the dogs."

Updated on 4/15/01


Side shot of M29c Weasel #40186744. Good details, especially of the rudder controls, stowed boat hook, and folded back surf guard.
#40186744 cruising along.
A good close up of the same Weasel from the front. Nice detailed look at the track apron.
Another shot of #40186744 with its canvas top off. Note the surf guard is now folded down.
Good close up of the front of the M29c. The picture was taken from a lower angle so you can see some of the underside of the bow tank.
Shot of an Allis-Chalmers M7 Snow Tractor. Good detailed shot of the running gear and tracks.
Another shot of the M7 Snow Tractor and grinning driver. Looks cold, doesn't it?
Looks like this M7 found a soft spot in one of the many rivers and streams in the area.
A good shot showing how bad the situation is for the poor, unfortunate M7.
What search and rescue outfit would be complete without some of man's best friends?