Weasel Picture Gallery

If you have any Weasel pictures you would like to submit, please send it along to Steve. If the attachment is going to be much over a couple of MBs please break it up into smaller ZIP/SIT files first. Slow connections to the Internet are the norm in the boonies!

Updated on 4/15/01


Miscellaneous Gallery

A collection of Weasel pictures from the far corners of the globe!

Russ Morgan returned to Camp Hale with his fully restored M29C Weasel #14,015 in February of 2002. See what a Weasel looks like visiting its old home!
Pictures of 10th Mountain Division at Camp Hale and in Italy. Depicts various models of T15/M28 and M29s, mostly in color.
Glenn Tremblay's pictures of a Weasel and M7 Snow Tractor in Presque Isle, Maine during the winter of 1945/46.