Miscellaneous Weasel Pictures

If you have a one off shot of Weasel you would like to submit, please send it along to Steve. If the attachment is going to be much over a couple of MBs please break it up into smaller ZIP/SIT files first. Slow connections to the Internet are the norm in the boonies!

Updated on 4/15/01


This photo taken around 1944 in Alaska by Joe Iannitto's father. According to him the purpose of the base was to test vehicles for cold weather operations. The pic shows what are most likely two T24s. The words TEST VEHICLE can clearly be seen stenciled on the front along with a vehicle number, which is most likely the serial number (859 on the right one). Note also the two different camo styles, lack of track guards, adjustable spotlight, and the bolted plates with foot plates. Submitted by Joe Iannitto.
Someone with "AFV Envy" made up this Weasel APC contraption. Impossible to tell what model, but most likely M29c. Found on some website that had it for sale.
Great shot of what looks to be a fully restored M29, mid/late production. Notice track guards and foot plates and the elimination of engine crank hole. These changes were made after serial #3103 or so. Origin of picture unknown.
Nice shot of a late M29 or retrofitted early to mid M29c. Lack of engine crank hole makes this a post #3103 model for sure. Picture from an unknown museum.