10th Mountain Division

The following images and captions were found online at the excellent website http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/mdbquery.html.They document use of Weasels by the men of the 10th Mountain Division at Camp Hale (Colorado) and one from combat in Italy. 640 pictures of the division are online, but only these 7 contain pictures of Weasels.

The captions are either from the archievest, from the print/negative, or both. Some color corrections were made as a few of the originals, or their scans, were definitely not correctly balanced. Added commentary by Steve follows the original captions. The date in brackets is as listed in archeive, but is most likely wrong in some cases.

Photo Credits: Western History/Genealogy Department, Denver Public Library. Used according to their rules.

Updated on 10/08/01


"A camouflaged weasel pulls a treaded trailer loaded with Tenth Mountain Division troops over a snow-packed road at Camp Hale, Colorado." (1943)

Note: that this is a T15/M28 Weasel

Original museum description not found.

Note: T15/M28 Weasel moving down a road.

"A weasel, a special snow vehicle, is tipped over onto its side on a snowbank along the side of a road. A Tenth Mountain Division soldier surveys the situation. Two ski by on the road while others ski past on an elevated path above the snowbank." (1943-1944)

Note: later model M29 with 20" tracks and mudguard

"View of heavy equiment, tractors, and "weasels" parked at Camp Hale, Colorado, the training headquarters of the Tenth Mountain Division." (1943-1944)

Note: later model M29 as above, 2 or 3 M7 Snow Tractors in middle, and a T36 Snow Tractor (the orange tear dropped tracked vehicle)

"A Tenth Mountain Division supply sergeant poses for the camera during D Series. He is standing in the snow surrounded by pine trees, wearing an army sweater, khaki pants, boots and holding a metal mug. Behind him is a "weasel" packed with a toboggan and a wooden box of mountain rations, the special food fabricated for mountain troopers." (1944)

Note: either T24 or early M29 pictured with 15" tracks. Interesting to note that the bottom hull appears to be painted yellow. Could be due to lighting and film quality

"A cache of supplies stored during manuevers held by the Tenth Mountain Division near Camp Hale, Colorado. Boxes of supplies are roughly stacked in the shade of some pine trees. In the sun some soldiers are standing beside supplies and a "weasel" or vehicle designed for snowy terrain." (Feb 1944)

Note: another T24 or M29 as above, also note the apparenty yellow color.

"Richard Foggarty of the Tenth Mountain Division poses beside two "weasels", [a snow vehicle designed by Studebaker] without canvas covers, near the S4 warehouse and 86th Regiment Headquarters at Camp Hale, Colorado. He is wearing a cap, a pullover sweater, khaki pants and boots." (1943-1944)

Note: mid/late M29s. Note 20" tracks and mudguards w/foot plates, but no M29c style bolt patterns for float tanks.

"In a view taken from above, twenty-nine Tenth Mountain Division soldiers march around a curve in a road towards a bridge over a small creek. A covered truck is begining its crossing as a soldier driving a camuflaged weasle (a treaded mitlitary vehicle designed for snow) is just clearing the bridge. Seven more weasles are parked on a small road beside piles of suplies. One weasel heads down a steep slope towards the small road. A large tent is pitched aross the creek. Snow covers the ground. According to the captions the image was taken near Mount Grande and near Lizzano and this was the supply point for troops at Mount Belvedere and Gorgolesco, during the Italian campaign; the marching men were on their way back from the front lines." (Feb 22, 1944)

Note: 9 Weasels pictured, too small to see details.