Hybrid Studebaker Weasel/Truck Water Pump
Submitted by - Stephen Grammont
Revision Date 3/1/01


This page documents the initial findings of what appears to be a hybrid water pump. From what we can tell it was made by fitting the pulley assembly off the original Weasel water pump onto the bearing/seal assembly from a more common Studebaker truck pump. This would have involved a skilled machinist, but it should be something that can be replicated.

The reason this was done is due to the difficulty finding bearings and seals for the original pump. The resulting water pump is only a bit smaller in diameter (1/16th), but alignment is perfect. In fact, an original Studebaker belt was found on the pump when we removed it. The original fan blades and the cooling shroud were all in there as well, again underscoring how well this conversion worked from a dimensional/alignment point of view.

All that was needed was a new hole for the smaller truck housing's bolt pattern. This can be seen in the thrid shot below.

More details as they are discovered.