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Weasel Water Tests - Click Image to View/Download PDF
By Brock Joliffe
Created Date 2/13/17
Bogie Seals - Renewal and Maintenance - Important - Click Image to View/Download PDF
Created Date 1/28/2014
Consolidated Industries' brochure showing off its "Sno T'rrain" double Weasel and Weasel parts
Created Date 7/1/01
A closer look at the post war "French Track" construction
Revision Date 7/1/01
Created Date 6/13/01
A brief history and identifcation guide to Weasel tracks. Included are the five "official" track types along with the two known post-war designs.
Revision Date 6/13/01
Created Date 5/20/01
Ever wonder if how tracks were repaired in the field? Maybe this is how they did it.
Revision Date 6/13/01
Created Date 5/20/01
Gary Szechy dove in and replaced his brakebands. Thankfully, he was kind enough to write about it and take pictures along the way!
Created Date 5/1/01
Article on replacing original Carter Carburetor with a common one made by Ford.
Revision Date 3/8/01
Fixing or replacing a Weasel water pump is not easy. This article outlines the possibility of combining original parts with a more available pump assembly.
Revision Date 3/1/01


Body #
Registration #
Last Location
USA 40152209 Driver door hinged
M29C 11,433
M29C 6,948 USA 40195829 Rt. Rear cut & hinged missing R. track
M29C 14,919 Missing R. track. No motor. Rear Cut
M29C 14,810 No track, no motor. Build-able body
M29C 11,833
M29C 7,383 Rusty floatation tank. Pontiac. Runs auto trans. Re-power
M29C 10,957 M-29C-6490 Orange. Original
M29C 11,731
M29C 7,293 Driver door hinged Left rear cut
T24 ???? UST-24-391 Body only
M29C 10,986? Gray. Original
M29C 10,884 M-29C-6449 White. Original
M29C 14,015 M-29C-9662 White. Original
M29C 13,675 M-29C-9325 Yellow. Ford w/ Auto trans. Military hardtop
T24 UST-24-1259 Green. No track
M29C Green. No track
T24 UST-24-1??? Orange. No Track, rear cut
T24 Primer. No Track or bulkhead